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A Day in the Life of Take2

As the Marketing Coordinator for Cantata, one of my major responsibilities is to be able to understand and explain our in-home support program, Take2, out into the communities. Take2 is unlike anything out there right now. No other company offers any method like ours and we are beginning to positively impact the care at home industry. After months of learning about what Take2 is from the outside, it seemed like a good idea to get the real scoop from the inside. And what better way to learn about Take2 than to experience a day in the life. To do this, I job shadowed one of Take2’s main neighborhood leads and care team members, Yesi, and trust me, it was a real eye opener.

Just to give some background, Yesi has been a caregiver for 5 years, she is a CNA (certified nursing assistant), and she has been working as a team leader for Take2. She is in charge of leading the expansion and training of other caregivers into our newest neighborhoods, Westchester and LaGrange.

To say I enjoy waking up at 5:30am would be a false statement. But that’s exactly what I had to do if I truly wanted to get the full Take 2 experience. I met Yesi at 6:30am and when I saw her, she was right in the middle of helping her first client get out of bed and situated for the day. When Yesi made sure her client was all set for breakfast, we took off to see a husband and wife, so Yesi could help with bathing. It was then that I learned we would be seeing 9 different clients over the course of the next 6 hours (some of them would be seen multiple times).

As we started going from house to house, it became evident that Yesi had formed close relationships with each person she interacted with. She asked about their families, followed up with past concerns, and offered to assist with anything they needed. Take2 care team members undergo unique universal training that allows them to successfully function in different support roles and enables them to deliver on each client’s unique needs. Whether it was helping them get dressed or dropping off a meal, she was ready to tackle anything. One lady from Brookfield was absolutely ecstatic that Yesi stopped by twice that day. The companionship bond they had formed was noticeable. It was very clear that Yesi feels the same comradery towards Take2 and her clients:

“I enjoy what I do and I like coming to work each day. It’s very rewarding because I help
people feel better.
On top of their needs, we also check their house for potential hazards and make sure their home is safe. Take2 is more than task based; it’s the ability to engage with the clients, gain their trust, and learn more about them as people.”

After a busy morning and afternoon of running around, I was completely exhausted! To say the Cantata Take2 team works hard is an understatement. They go above and beyond to ensure each person receives the highest level of respect, compassion, and that their needs are met. Shadowing Yesi gave me a newfound appreciation for everything that our caregivers face and how their strength really shines through.

Take2 is an excellent method of delivering in-home support and would not be possible without using the Take2 method. It allowed Yesi to work with 9 different clients. She was able to provide scheduled support based on each client’s individual needs as well as unscheduled support in case of any surprises. Best of all, these efficiencies saved all of these clients between 15-40%.

If you would like more information about our Take2 program or know someone in need of in-home support, please call Nancy at 708-485-2047 to learn more! When you call, use promo code “Newsletter” to receive special introductory pricing! Our fantastic team provides free care assessments in the convenience of your own home and you won’t want to pass up this amazing opportunity. Take2 is unlike anything out there in the care at home industry and our clients and families love our services!