Neighborhood Home Care

Teaming up with neighborhood seniors for affordable care at home!

Cantata is committed to helping our neighbors, families and communities age successfully. Through our experience, we have discovered three things from our seniors:

  1. They prefer to age at home
  2. They can’t afford the unrealistic skyrocketing homecare rates
  3. They want to preserve their independence and privacy, while being ensured they’re taken care of

Watch the video to learn more about Take 2 Neighborhood Care.

At Cantata, we continually seek to challenge the norm. As we looked at how care was being delivered in the home, we found that every organization seemed to look the same.

And not only did they look the same, the way they provided support was the opposite of what people wanted!

Let’s look at an example: in one neighborhood, 15 people were paying 15 different caregivers to spend hours in their home to provide services that may only take minutes to complete.

In the typical homecare model, the majority of the cost people are paying for is the time a caregiver sits and waits between support tasks.

From this dilemma came Take, Cantata’s new method of delivering care. Take breaks down communities into intimate care-sharing neighborhoods, allowing our teams to maximize their time so they can care for multiple clients while providing 24/7 unscheduled support when needed. Our specialized teams are always a click away.

At Cantata our mission is to provide affordable, non-invasive support allowing our neighbors to age in place successfully. Take 2 gives you the support you need – at a fraction of the cost.

From in-home care to home maintenance, Cantata is here to help you or your loved one live comfortably in your own home!

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