Our Care Team

Your Strength Is Found in Our Care Team

We know how important it is that your loved ones are in good hands. We share your concern, which is why we ensure that each team member takes pride in the care and support they provide for you or your loved one.

We Believe in Proactive Partnerships

A proactive partnership between our care services team and the family is what makes us different from the rest. Cantata’s Home Care team will not only address the immediate scheduled needs of the day, but also keep a watchful eye to anticipate and address any future concerns that may arise. Everything is communicated effectively between your family and our fellow team members so that we all move forward together to ensure we are providing the highest quality senior care at home.

We Only Hire the Best

As the leading provider of help at home in Berwyn and the surrounding areas, we chose six idyllic characteristics of top-performing caregivers and based our interview questions and hiring criteria around these strongly-desired personality traits. Some highly sought after traits that we pursue are people who are driven to succeed, innovative and problem-solving in their thought process, motivated, and good listeners. Bottom line, we only look for client-centered care providers who can look beyond the immediate task at hand and understand and adapt to the personalized needs of each client.

Ensuring Our Team Is Reliable from the Start

Before they begin working with us at Cantata Home Services, each Care Team member undergoes the following:

  • Extensive reference and criminal background checks
  • Exhibits strong driving record and auto insurance check
  • Fingerprinting and drug screening
  • TB testing
  • 8 hours of education in first 30 days
  • Annual training exceeding 15 hours of continuing education

Cantata Home Services also offers employees workman’s compensation, and is licensed, bonded, and insured. We look for the best, qualified caregiver.

From in-home care to home maintenance, Cantata is here to help you or your loved one live comfortably in your own home!

Contact us today for more information on our home care in Berwyn, IL and the surrounding areas.